Information on booking a session 

-  Firstly, get in touch! Email is the best way. My inbox gets a bit full every now and again but I absolutely promise promise promise I will get back to you and reply, it just might take a day or two. If you haven't had a reply in a week then something has gone missing so email again. Start the email with 'Mike. YOU JUST BROKE YOUR WEBSITE PROMISE.' 

 - My booking system on the following page is always online but might not have available dates. This is because I only book one month in advance and when those sessions are taken I close the bookings. This is so (if I want to) I can suddenly decide to run off to Butlins for a summer hol without stressing about rescheduling people.

 - If there are no available dates check back on the 1st of the next month. That's when NEW sessions go online. For example, on March 1st, all of the April dates will become available at 6pm. Good to get in there early though when booking as, however much I would love to photograph everyone that wants a session, I've only got a certain amount of sessions a month.


- At the moment I'm booked up until MAY 2020 however I do have a cancellation list if you can't wait that long and want to try get a session sooner. Use the contact box on the following page to put on the list. It's very hard to tell how often a cancellation will come up; it's usually because an actor has a last minute audition come up which is equally hard to predict. I usually also recommend booking in a session too so you have a definite date, then we can always move it forward if a cancellation comes up sooner. 

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