APRIL is now full

Thanks so much for logging on and so sorry if you missed out this month - they went particularly quick

So at 6pm (New time, as feedback has been that this is a more convenient time of day) on APRIL 1st you can access the booking system via this page to book for MAY. I'll also add in a direct link incase refreshing the page doesn't work. If refreshing the page still doesn't work then it might be your server so close the page and open it again maybe ?


Just to manage expectation, last month 130 peopleput their names down for the 30 available (woohoo) sessions. This is extremely flattering and lovely but please don't get annoyed/frustrated/LIVID if there are no dates listed as available when you get onto the booking system, it means they have already gone. Some months they go in the first few minutes. I'll do my best and I wish I could photograph everyone wanting a slot but there are only so many hours in the week and I haven't figured out how to go without food/sleep yet but I'm working on it.

Sometimes the booking system gets a bit cranky with lots of people using it in a small time frame and so best thing to do, once you've selected the slot you want, is confirm it ASAP as(annoyingly)the system allows others to select it too and whoever confirms first get it  (I know, I know, not ideal)

I think I've thought of everything..? oh yeah - thanks for bearing with me!! I appreciate you've probably set a reminder and taken time out of your day to do this so thanks!


(Sorry to state the obvious but if you send me an angry/disappointed email and use abusive language or swearing you will automatically be banned from booking, come on, we're all friends here)

Link to book for MAY will be live below on APRIL the 1st at 6pm

(Keep refreshing the page if it doesn't come up)